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Keynote Speech #1, Part I

The Future of Concept art: Interactivity

with Anthony Jones

Location: Auditorium (Lower Level)

Start Time: 17:00

Length: 30~40 min. with Q&A

Presenting your art through a game engine and also explaining all the technology at your finger tips to help improve you as an artist.

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Keynote Speech #1, Part II

The Natural History of Creature Design- Fantasy, Sci-Fi, PaleoReconstruction, and Current Realities

with Terryl Whitlatch



Location: Star Theatre (Lower Level)

Start Time: 17:45

Length: 30~40 min. with Q&A


Internationally regarded Creature Designer Terryl Whitlatch will give a keynote lecture covering the wide range of Creature Design—from Paleontological Reconstruction to Imaginary Beings of Fantasy and Science Fiction—and what it takes to be a creature designer. Sharing her insights and anecdotes from the many projects, studios, games and films she has worked for over three decades and into the present, Terryl details the skills and passions required for this vocation, and why the love and appreciation of the very real animals that share this planet with us, are foremost and fundamental.

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