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Jim Jiang immigrated from China when he was four, and grew up in the small university town of College Station, Texas. At the age of eleven, he encountered his first 3D software through his brother’s work and has been working with CG ever since. Early on, Jim was inspired by the art of Gamesworkshop’s Warhammer and Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft. He won numerous student film festivals in Texas and had a short film featured at Siggraph when he was 16. Jim took a break from his art to complete a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Shortly after, he rediscovered his passion for CG and began working furiously on his demo reel. Within that year he accepted an offer from Paramount Pictures to work on the animated film Barnyard. He began as a hair TD and was later promoted to department supervisor of character finalling and FX. After Barnyard he freelanced for Sony Computer Entertainment and from there accepted his current position at Blizzard Entertainment. Jim has been with Blizzard for over eight years serving as rigging lead on numerous prerendered cinematics. He currently lives in Lake Forest, CA with his lovely wife, two sons and an enormous St. Bernard. His hobbies include gaming, archery, and smoking proper Texas style bbq.

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